Price for a complete board in racing configuration is 2.090€ including VAT and shipment.

Boards and all 2019 Sail Colors are availble. Order now to secure your preferred color. 

For info and orders go to the WS Shop or send an email to with your request and shipping address

The new WINDSURFER LT board is made with a styrofoam type core with epoxy deck. It has same length of the original One Design (366cm), an increased width (from 66 to 74cm) and a significantly lower weight (reduced from approx 21kg to 15kg). It is a multipurpose board, being designed to be used for class racing, but also for school (with a smaller daggerboard) and SUP. Both racing and school daggerboards are fully retractable and the deck has a soft pad, to increase comfort in every conditions. Rig is made by a two pieces 460 SDM carbon mast, a 180-240 boom, a mast base and joint, a racing 5,7 sqm mylar sail or a school/training 4.0 sqm dacron sail.

Offers reserved to IWCA Members:

List Price

€ incl. 22% VAT
Boards + Rig (including shipment)
Windsurfer Lt Board + Rig (Race) 2.090
Windsurfer Lt Board + Rig (Race + School) 2.390
Boards Only (including shipment)
Windsurfer Lt Board (Race) 1.295
Windsurfer Lt Board (Race + School) 1.395
Complete Racing Rig 795
Spare Parts
WS Boom 180-240 175
WS Uphaul 15
WS 460 SDM Mast (40% Carbon) 170
WS Base + Joint 75
WS 5.7 Sail -> Available Colors 360
WS School Sail 200
School Pack (small daggerboard + deck cover) 100
Board Bag 129
Accessory Bag 89
Paddle (Carbon, 3 sections) 159

New Windsurfer Lt Technical Specifications
Lenght 365,9
Width 73,9
Thickness 13,8
Weight 15 kg
Volume 229 Lt


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